Take a Class

You do NOT need to be an Athens MakerSpace member to take a class. Anyone can sign up for a class who meets the class’ prerequisites.

If you are an Athens MakerSpace member, please keep in mind that you must successfully complete the appropriate Tool Safety and Orientation Class(es) before you can be authorized to independently use many of the tools in the makerspace.

In addition to Tool Safety and Orientation classes, we continue to develop other classes that focus on developing more specific skills, making specific projects or products and/or helping people develop or grow product-making businesses.

To sign up for a class:
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Fill in the appropriate information

Below are the currently-scheduled classes.

Additional classes we are now working with instructors to develop and schedule include:

  • Basic electrical/Alt. Energy application
  • Intro to coding (2D gaming)
  • Learning Your Home Sewing Machine
  • Biogas generation (intro to MicroBiogas generator)


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