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Sell successfully on Etsy

Class Description: 15 participant per class
With this TWO HOUR course you will learn to turn your craft into a business! Etsy is one of the most widely known online marketplaces for handmade or vintage items. Join us for the basics of setting up your Etsy shop including optimizing your listings to get your items found in customer searches. Learn how to price your products appropriately, brand your shop, use social media marketing techniques and much more. Taught by Katie Fox
Appropriate Attire:
Casual attire will be fine.
Materials Provided:
Hand Out Notes

Industrial Sewing Machine Safety Class

Class Description: 1 participant per class
In this TWO HOUR class students will learn how to operate an industrial sewing machine capable of stitching through multiple layers of denim or heavy canvas. After successfully navigating the sewing needle through practice stitch guide paper the student will learn how to set up, wind bobbins and thread the machine. Cut heavy canvas or denim into the parts needed for a small market bag and assemble it using the sewing machine. Taught by Mindy King
Appropriate Attire:
Students should not wear open toed shoes, loose clothing or jewelry and secure long hair Prerequisite: Experience sewing on a domestic sewing machine
Materials Provided:
Heavy canvas to sew a small market bag. thread, paper

3D Printing Safety Class

Class Description: 8 participant per class
In this TWO HOUR class you will learn how to use Computer Aided Design to create and print objects on a 3D printer. You will also learn the ins and outs of 3D printers and will develop your abilities to think like an engineer/artist. By the end of this class, Makers will have designed 3D printable creations, will know the ins and outs of using a 3D printer, and will be certified to use the makerspace's 3D printer independently. Taught by Noah Waspe
Appropriate Attire:
Casual attire will be fine.
Please bring your own laptop.
Materials Provided:
Printer filament (PLA)

WoodShop Safety Class A/B

Class Description: 7 participant per class
In these TWO PART FOUR HOUR classes you will learn how to safely use the planer, jointer, table saw, compound chop saw, band saw and drill press. Taught by David Wakefield
Appropriate Attire:
Safety glasses, ear plugs or muffs, remove any jewelry, roll up sleeves past elbows, tuck in shirt tails and tie back hair.
No prior woodworking experience necessary.
Materials Provided:
Practice lumber.

Metal Shop Safety Class

Class Description: 6 participant per class
In this THREE HOUR class you will be familiarized with MIG and TIG welders, chop saw and drill press and the language and safety protocol involved in welding and metal fabrication. This will help newcomers to the world of metal working decide which type of welding they might like to practice. It is the opportunity to ask any question you've ever had about metal working, learn what types are out there and what their place is in fabrication. Taught by Morgan Hager
Appropriate Attire:
Safety glasses, ear plugs or muffs, long pants, closed toe shoes
No prior metalworking experience necessary.
Materials Provided:
Practice metal

Come learn at Athens MakerSpace!

Classes are open to everyone!

Please check out our class descriptions below and follow the instructions to sign up!

We are actively developing classes with many instructors from the community.

You do NOT need to be an Athens MakerSpace member to take a class. Anyone can sign up for a class who meets the class’ prerequisites.

If you are an Athens MakerSpace member, please keep in mind that you must successfully complete the appropriate Tool Safety and Orientation Class(es) before you can be authorized to independently use many of the tools in the makerspace.

In addition to Tool Safety and Orientation classes, we continue to develop other classes that focus on developing more specific skills, making specific projects or products and/or helping people develop or grow product-making businesses.

Below are the currently-scheduled classes.

Additional classes we are now working with instructors to develop and schedule include:

  • Selling on Etsy
  • Basic electrical/Alt. Energy application
  • Intro to coding (2D gaming)
  • Learning Your Home Sewing Machine
  • Biogas generation (intro to MicroBiogas generator)
  • Want to teach a Class? Click here!