Athens MakerSpace instructor Bios:

Mindy King –

Mindy King a local multimedia artist, recent creations have centered around Steampunk events and props used by several theater companies and local school productions. She is a retired chair caner and weaver who founded the SeatWeavers’ guild and is a classically trained woodworker with a degree in Woodworking and Furniture design from Rochester Institute of Technology. Her current fascination is restoring antique sewing machines to working order.

Noah Waspe –

Noah Waspe is a new teacher at West Elementary School, but he has Years of experience teaching and running makerspaces in his hometown of Lebanon, Ohio. Noah is a nerd for anything that has to do with 3D Printing–he even built his own 3D Printer!

David Wakefield –

Morgan Hager –

I have been a metal worker for about 18 years. I began with metal smithing which I studied in school. I began welding regularly for work a few years later and gained a certification in TIG welding at a production welding shop whose mission statement was to teach women transferable technical skills. I value this mission statement which is why I offer classes specifically for women. I do not do welding for a living currently but the skills still come in handy building prototypes, various construction and for my own projects.

Ben Stewart –

Joseph Frost –

Joseph is a product developer and consumer product certification and testing engineer with the Canadian Standards Association. He has a degree in electrical engineering and a degree in mechanical engineering, and has been working in product development and design for more than 7 years.

Erin Rennich –

Erin is a creative dabbler, jewelry maker and blogger who enjoys working with her hands. She is excited to get plugged in to the Athens Makerspace community as a maker and a guest workshop host. Erin provides business assistance to early-stage companies and entrepreneurs as Client Liaison with the Ohio University Innovation Center

Kyle Look –

Kyle Look & Erin Hogan are the founders of Squeaky Duck Farmstead. Their focus is to reinvent farming, craftsmanship, and stewardship and to relocalize the much needed resources of energy, food, & water. They are champions of slow money, sustainability, and small-scale operating through cutting edge innovation and the re-implementation of older abandoned techniques. Renewable Energy and Waste Management are 2 of their main passions.