ReUse On Union

ReUse on Union is our newest store. You can still shop for most of your thrift store needs at our Columbus Road Thrift Store, but ReUse on Union is the place to go if you want:

Sewing Tools and Supplies
Books and Magazines
Framed Art and Photos
Vintage Clothing
Locally-made Upcycled Consignment Products
We are still accepting artists’ work
For NEW consigning artists please come in and see us with an example of your work!


At ReUse on Union, we also run an Etsy store selling high-end and vintage fabric to artisans and designers locally and worldwide. Just like our Columbus Road Thrift Store and ReUse on Union, proceeds from Athens FabMaker support Athens MakerSpace and ReUse workforce training programs.

Check it out here: Athens FabMaker


We accept donations of the items listed above at ReUse on Union, but you can also donate them at our Columbus Road Thrift store if that is more convenient.