Tool Library

What is the ReUse Industries Tool Library?

Our tool library is a collection of tools shared by Tool Library Members.

Why buy a tool if you only use it once or occasionally? Why dedicate space to storing tools if we can store them for you?

Our Tool Library currently has over 550 tools and over 70 members. Our tools range from small hand tools to small power tools to larger tools like portable table saws, ladders, tiller, lawnmowers and a log splitter.

How does the tool library work?

  1. First, contact us or come visit us to talk about becoming a member! If you choose to join we’ll have you read over and sign the Tool Library membership agreement.
  2. Once you join, your membership will last one year and can be renewed for future years
  3. As long as the tool(s) you want are available (not in use by another member or in maintenance) you can join and be on your way with the tool(s) you want within a matter of minutes.

If you don’t know how to use a tool, don’t worry! Just ask for help and we will show you or point you to some helpful resources, like this log splitter video made by one of our members!

Members can borrow up to ten tools at a time for up to seven days. For some tools during their peak season, we will encourage you to bring the tool back as soon as you can so other members can have access to it.

Members can borrow and return tools during our Tool Library hours:

Monday: CLOSED
Tuesday: 3p - 5p
Wednesday: CLOSED
Thursday: 3p - 7p
Friday: Noon - 3p
Saturday: Noon - 3p
Sunday: CLOSED

To ensure prompt service, we ask members to give us some advance notice about tools they want to borrow so we have time to retrieve the desired tool(s). Without advance notice, members may have to wait to be served when we are serving other Tool Library and MakerSpace members.

Annual Memberships

Individuals or households (up to three folks per household)$150
Individuals or households (low-income or student)$75
Non-Profit organization$300
**Membership costs may be adjusted in the future based on library participation levels and operating costs.

How You Can Support the Tool Library

Donate Tools

Donating tools is a great way to support the Tool Library and ReUse Industries. Donated tools comprise about half of our current tool library inventory. If donated tools are not needed for the Tool Library – for example, if we already have enough circular saws – ReUse will sell them at our Columbus Road Thrift Store to help support all of our programs and facilities.

Donate Money or Unwanted Items

If you value the programs and services we offer to the community, please consider supporting us with a financial donation or by donating unwanted items to our Columbus Road Thrift Store or our new store, ReUse on Union (next to Athens MakerSpace). For more information on donating, click here.


ReUse offers a wide range of volunteer opportunities, all of which help us operate, or generate proceeds to support our programs and facilities including the Tool Library. For more information on volunteering CLICK HERE!